FinShi Capital : first cryptocurrency venture fund. VC investments in ICO startups — FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed on blockchain technology

Successful technologies of classic venture market are now available for blockchain

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ICO is over. We raised $21,4m! Thanks to all our investors!  Now our team will focus on selecting and developing groundbreaking startups. If your team has a project of this kind — let us know via [email protected] . Our fund will help you to get funding and will provide you with investors!

FinShi Capital is managed by a team of professionals from Capinvest 21 fund. Since 2007 they have accumulated extensive experience in investments, technical and financial analyses and also in managing assets.

What is FinShi Capital?

FinShi Capital is the first venture fund formed on blockchain technology. Anyone who has at least one dollar can become an investor. The fund was founded by Capinvest 21 venture fund and a group of Capinvest 21 and Asian LPAsian venture investors (Asia LP). During the next 2 years FinShi Capital is going to extend its portfolio by selecting at least 15 fintech and blockchain projects on Seed and A/B rounds.
FinShi Capital is currently reviewing more than 30 rapidly growing fintech projects, any of which might be invested in near future. Then the startups will grow exponentially, and after some time they will be sold to further investors and strategic buyers. Eventually the fund will be fully realized and its investors will get their cash back gaining 7х – 14х more, and the world will see new worthy IT companies.

As a classic venture fund we can provide you with 120% per annum income (judging by the growth of portfolio companies in the previous years), and taking into account rapid development of fintech and blockchain markets we are planning on getting 520% per annum income for all of our investors. Join now!


  • Q2 2017
  • Q3 2017
  • Q4 2017
  • Q2 2018

You invest in FinShi Capital


The fund selects the best projects and buys
shares in them (no less than 15 projects will be invested).


We help all of our teams to grow exponentially,
increase their revenues and their value in
the eyes of clients


When our portfolio projects grow to be huge
and expensive companies, we sell our shares and
earn way more money than we invested in the first place


After each startup sale the fund gives you
all of your money back together with profit.

Why FinShi

As a classic venture fund we make 120% per annum income. With blockchain we can make ten times more

Our team of experts makes good money on venture market. Now anyone can do the same with the help of FinShi Capital

We help startups building great companies providing them with smart money management, connections and helping them with day-to-day affairs

If you want to invest in a classic venture fund, you need to have at least $500k. In a blockchain fund anyone who has at least 1 dollar can become an investor

FinShi Capital allows you to sell your tokens and lock in your profits at any time, unlike any other classic venture fund, where you would have to wait 3-4 years

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Learn all the detailed information about how we invest and how we manage our funds. This document contains our plan of actions and technical information about a crowdsale event

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  • Where do you come from?

    FinShi Capital was founded by Capinvest 21 fund and Asia LP group. Since 2007 we have invested in a lot of projects, we are experts in this sphere and we are happy to share our experience with you. We currently have 120% per annum income and aim more. Make money together with us!

  • How do you make money?

    We carefully select promising ground-breaking teams in fintech and blockchain spheres, buy shares in their companies and help them to grow. When they become successful companies we sell our shares and profit significantly.

  • What guarantees do you give?

    There are no guarantees in venture investments, because you can never know for sure which of the startups would grow to be a huge successful company and which would fail. But when you invest with experts you increase possible profits. The fact that our team has solid reputation working since 2007 should also give you an added boost of confidence.

  • Getting profit with Finshi Capital

    After the ICO, you can sell the token on the market to receive immediate profit. OR you can hold the tokens and recieving dividends after each exit!

Key Token Facts

  • Token: Ethereum ERC20 token
  • Token symbol: FINS
  • Token’s description: the owner of the token is an investor in the Fund. The token according to the Ethereum contract is a proof of you being a shareholder in proportion to the Fund’s portfolio companies. Also the token gives you the right to receive 80% of the profits of the Fund.
  • An additional issue of tokens (after ICO): none.
  • Exchanges: (and other coming soon)
  • ICO is over in 2017. Thanks to all our investors!

How to check your tokens:  Investor’s personal account available here!
You would like to buy FinShi tokens? Contact us to get a special offer!*

Profits from the fund’s tokens

FinShi Capital will be able to select the best projects for investments with the help of the market’s experts, careful analysts’ work and different technical systems. We easily detect scams, unprofitable projects and startups without clear development strategy. We invest only in promising and reliable ICO projects. The fund’s strategy allows diversification of investments based on three different principals and ensures high profits with reasonable risks for all of the investors. Now you can invest in the fund through exchanges (carefully read the Legal terms).

 FinShi Capital’s investment focus

Authentication technologies
Mobile (MPOS) acquiring and e-commerce (online acquiring)

Application Programming Interfaces (API) for banks 

Virtual Banking (online banking and mobile applications)
Big data and online scoring

P2P-lending platforms

E-wallets and cryptocurrency payments

Algorithmic trading

Technologies for exchange markets

Contactless technologies for e-wallets.
Blockchain technologies
Internet of Things (IoT) and offline-to-online (о2о)
PFM services

Chat bots for banks and robo-advisors

Other products and services for financial area

Distributed ledger and smart contracts
Crowdfunding technologies

New technologies for traditional finances
RegTech. Technologies for risk management, payments control and regulators relations.

Other products and services for financial area

FinShi Capital already has several great investment deals at the point of signing. We currently monitor more than 140 projects, some of which will eventually get funding and bring us high profits.

Do you have a promising start-up? Get in touch: [email protected]

 Our portfolio

Unnamed project

Unnamed project



Jan 15, 2018 — Important events in December, 2017

Dec 20, 2017 — The IX International Contest of IR cases in Investor Relations and Financial Communication

Dec 11, 2017 — FinShi Capital earned the second place among the new funds

Dec 01, 2017 — Important events in November, 2017

Nov 30, 2017 — Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference in Cyprus 2017

Nov 28, 2017 — FinShi Capital became a speaker on the first Technological Business Forum

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Our team

Andrey Orlov
Managing partner

Andrey has wide experience of managing real sector of economy companies in various spheres: production, logistics and construction. Moreover he started, developed and then sold several businesses himself. Entrepreneur until 2004 he had two successful startups focusing on mobile devices – a communications store Mobilnik and a distributor of digital devices DigitalFree. In 2008 he joined Capinvest 21 and started working on its projects. 2008-2011 were the years when Andrey took part in development of different Capinvest 21’s portfolio projects. These projects were from such sectors of economy as oil and gas pipeline construction, detailed engineering, commerce and information services.

Since 2015 he acts as a managing partner of Capinvest 21. Andrey has degrees from two Universities: Tyumen State University (Information Technology) and Tyumen State University of Architecture and Construction (Economy and Finance).
Andrey is also a representative of Blockchain Association in Russia

Vyacheslav Sorokin
FinShi Capital's Partner

Vyacheslav helps the company to build strong relations with its partners and contractors (including GR), he is also responsible for the technical side of our portfolio projects. In addition to all of the above, he has experience of working in the power industry.

Vyacheslav has vast experience of direct sales and marketing. Before joining Capinvest 21, he had worked in offline business. He is an entrepreneur with 16 years of experience and 3 own service industry startups in Ural Federal District.

Vyacheslav is also a representative of IIDF in Tyumen Region

Ayami Tanaka
Senior Manager

Ayami has been working with Capinvest 21 since 2016. She is responsible for organization of events, meetings and conferences. She’s​ a professional translator fluent in several languages, so she works closely with international projects and partners.



Yaroslav Kabakov

Yaroslav is Deputy CEO in FINAM — one of the biggest investment companies in Russia. His experience and expertise help us see financial plans, the fund’s models and portfolio companies in a new light.

Yaroslav is a financial expert with vast experience. He is a graduate of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. He is an economist with a Ph.D. in Economics.

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Evgeny Kuznetsov is a Director of subsidiary funds of RVC JSC. He is responsible fo activity of RVC Infrafund LLC, RVC Biofund LLC, RVC FPI LLC and MIC Civil Technologies LLC. Evgeny has been working at RVC since 2009. He was a director of the development and communication department, later — director of the strategic communications department. From 2014 he was appointed as a Deputy CEO — director of the project office, became a member of the management boards of RVC. In December 2015, took the position of Deputy CEO — program director. From July to December 2016 — temporary CEO of RVC.

RVC — is the Russian government’s fund of funds and the development institute of the Russian Federation, one of country’s key tools to create and expand the national innovation system. The company has a wide range of programs to develop Russia’s venture investment market establish educational and organizational services for market players, as well as increase the ability of Russian technology companies to compete in the global marketplace. RVC’s main objectives are to promote Russia’s venture investment industry, and to take on the role as the project office for the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

The total number of RVC funds has reached 25 (including two funds in foreign jurisdictions), with their total size of RUB 35.1 bn. RVC’s share is RUB 22.5 bn.

Andrey Zamovskiy

The founder of Ambisafe has been involved in cryptocurrency development since early 2010. Andrey has founded or took leading technical roles in multiple first of their kind projects, such as BitMerch (first bitcoin merchant service), HolyTransaction, Tether and several cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a classic venture fund we can provide you with 120% per annum income

and taking into account rapid development of fintech and blockchain markets we are planning on getting 520% per annum income for all of our investors.


Address: Suntec Tower Temasek, Boulevard, Singapore 038988 || [email protected] || Legal terms
The value of your investments can fluctuate. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investments carry inherent risks and the value of units may go down as well as up. This document is prepared by FinShi Capital for information purposes only. Neither FinShi Capital, nor the Directors of the company accept any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this document. It should not be copied or distributed without written consent of FinShi Capital. This document does not constitute a prospectus, an offer or an invitation to subscribe any securities, or a recommendation in relation to any securities. Investors should refer to the explanatory memorandum for further information.

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