Is rarible down

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1) We check the server to see if it is responding and we do this from a region
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2) We determine if the server is returning an error message that indicates some
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3) We return the results of our test from our servers and let you know if is up or down.

Coming soon – We are working on a new feature that will enable you to report problems and
errors with
directly from this website. You will also be able to view what other users are
reporting and see past issues and outages.


Why Rarible is not working?

Clear your cache. Disconnect, then reconnect your wallet to Rarible. Switch back-and-forth between networks on Metamask. If a VPN is enabled, reboot it.

Why isn’t my NFT showing up on Rarible?

If you can no longer see your NFT on Rarible, you may have received the following message: “This item has been removed from public access.” This means your artwork or your entire account has been blocked and/or blacklisted.

How long does minting take on Rarible?

Turning your creations into NFTs on Rarible takes less than 5 minutes (my record is 2:47, see if you can beat it ?? don’t rush if you’re not sure what you’re doing though!). Click Create in the top right corner of the Rarible homepage to get started.

Where is Rarible located?

Rarible was founded in 2020. Where is Rarible’s headquarters? Rarible’s headquarters is located at 1209 N Orange St., Wilmington.