Xpunks token price


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XPUNKS is a randomly generated set of 10.000 unique NFTs made to be minted on the XRPL’s XLS-20D protocol. The XPUNK NFT can only be minted by obtaining 0,5 XPUNK tokens. The XPUNK project aims to be more than ‘just JPEGs’, the projects core-vision is to be at the center of Ripple’s internet of value, and to maximize the utility of the XPUNK NFT. This is done by 1. Maximizing exposure of the project and acting as a billboard for the XRPL itself. 2. High level of collaboration with other NFT projects on the XRPL. 3. Launching complementary future projects which increase the NFT’s utility.


How much are Xpunks?

Today’s Bitrue XPUNK/USDT price is $1,300, which is down 7% over the last 24 hours.

How many Xpunks are there?

There are only 10k of us XPUNKS around.

How many Xpunk tokens are there?

The account is blackholed, meaning that there are no more than 5,000 XPUNK tokens ever to be made.